Focus On Mobile Devices Accessories Sourcing Solution

Direct Supply From Qualified Factories in China

As mobile devices continue to be updated, the consumer market for smartphones and tablets, smart wearable accessories, and a wide range of innovative portable consumer electronics compatible with mobile devices continues to expand.

FITA’s mission is to continuously find more innovative products from China for overseas B2B small and medium-sized customers. Quality is always considered first, which is the first element of our product selection, therefore, our partners are qualified suppliers in China.

Adhering to the service concept of “high market potential, affordable price and small quantity ordering”, we hope that through FITA’s unique perspective of product selection, we can assist our customers to find competitive and profitable product solutions in the local market, and help our customers to develop their business and realize win-win situation.


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Assorted  What You Buy All in FITA

Latest Designs, Affordable, Assorted Purchasing

Here you can buy small batches,factory-direct-supplied mobile phone and table accessories,wearable accesories and innovative portable electronics compatible with mobile device at affordable prices. There factories have experience OEM orders background, in the production of R&D and quality control are about the average level of the industry, FITA has been trying to do is, to let oversea small-medium buyers can also get them at affordable price!

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Brand Products,Solution for Online Shops,Retail Shops Business

Stock Available, New Designs Are Constantly Release.

For Small-Medium sized business, the benefits of choosing the right brands and products are that they can help you start your business at the lowest costs, help you find your target customer base quickly, and avoid unhealthy competition with your peers while earning reasonlable profits.

Multi-category brand, under a brand to maximize the end-users to meet a one stop shopping; Single-category brand,based on a category in the appearance of design and functional use, to offer end-users with a diversity of choices.


Custom Orders Solution

We have cooperation with domestic high-quality manufacturers, they professional R&D and production capacity, these products meets the international standard certification requirements, which can provide customized services for buyers with customization needs, including logo cutom,branding packaging custom, and even product modified solution. 

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