About US

Fita is more than just a brand – it’s the eyes that find value for money. The two co-founders of FITA have been working in the 3C consumer electronics export sector for over 10 years. They have focused on listening to customers and over time have developed a “user vision” way of thinking, thinking about what customers want and solving their pain. The Internet has made it easier to find products, but it has also led to information overload.

Less is more, how to find cost-effective products in a large number of goods – to help overseas buyers find a reasonable profit margin, to find a relative balance between price and quality, this is exactly what FITA wants to achieve for customers, the team is committed to information integration and service value output, to assist overseas buyers to do a good job in China Supplier evaluation, the purpose is to more accurately match the needs of customers, efficient communication and rapid delivery of orders.