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DUX DUCIS Mobile Phone Accessories

If you are engaged in mobile accessories business and are seeking a differentiating positioning for smart device accessory brands, it is worth considering niche brands that offer a combination of quality and profit potential, especially when compared to saturated brands like BASEUS, HOCO etc. DUX DUCIS is a prime example of such a brand. Positioned as a mid-to-high-end market brand, DUX DUCIS specializes in providing “protective accessories” of mobile smart devices.

Why Choose DUX DUCIS

DUX DUCIS is a brand that specializes in “Protective Accessories” for smart mobile devices,with a full line of products designed to be “simple and casual” and “business classic”. Its product categories cover feature phones, tablet cases, headphone cases, screen protection films, watch bands and Laptop accessories. 

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As an innovative brand, DUX DUCIS excels in developing new products and is set to launch approximately 50 to 60 new products throughout this year. Alongside retaining highly repurchased styles, its product range will expand to cover a wider range of brands and models. This expansion will include the phone card wallets, phone lanyards, as well as a new line of laptop accessories, like laptop bags, protective cases, and screen protectors, all of which are highly anticipated.

What Are the Sales Channels

It is suitable for importers, wholesalers, chain retail stores, and online sellers in the smart mobile device accessories industry, alternatively, for sellers with the ability to operate mobile accessory brands, catering to the mid-to-high-end consumer market. Currently, the brand has already begun its entry into the European market, while actively seeking partnerships in the Middle East, South America, and North America regions.

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DUX DUCIS Mobile Phone Accessories

What Are the Benifits? 

  • Differentiated Competitiveness:It can help you start your business at the lowest possible cost and avoid competing with your peers while earning a reasonable profit.

  • Brand Recognition and Packaging: All DUX DUCIS products come in branded retail packaging with EAN Code, this makes them perfect for retail shop displays or online sales. Additionally, we provide image and video promotional material to support your marketing efforts and help you create an engaging customer experience.

  • Reliable Brand Capabilities: This brand has the ability to continuously research and development of new products and flexible and stable inventory support, to provide you with one-stop supply chain services, so that you have no worries before and after the sale.

  • Brand News Updates: As our partner customer, you will have priority access to the brand’s latest product releases and priority ordering.
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DUX DUCIS Brand Cooperation:

Contact Person: Flora Wang

Whatsapp: +86 18588730850

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